Russ Strip – Mechanical Bonding 1

In common with most single ply material, EPDM will overtime try and shrink. The base tie in mechanically fixes the membrane to the roof deck where the membrane turns UP through an angle change. e.g. Wall upstand. Any further movement is accommodated by the EPDM’s ability to elongate by over 300%

RUSS (Reinforced Universal Secure Strip) has bonding tape pre-applied along one edge, this is bonded to theunderside of the EPDM using Rubber Primer, meaning that the EPDM membrane is not punctured during installation.

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Product Description

2″ Seam Fastening Plates are included with the Russ tape. We supply sufficient seam fasteners to secure the tape to the deck at 150mm intervals i.e. 6-7 per metre

  • Ideal for Additional membrane securement as needed.
  • Ideal for perimeter securement and around penetrations

N.B. Seam Fasteners must be used in conjunction with the appropriate screw fixings for the substrate.


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